American Folklore

by We Are The Arsenal

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The 5th studio release from We Are The Arsenal. "American Folklore" explodes with guitar-driven, down-home rock & roll. Story-telling lyrics, shredding guitar solos, and powerful hooks collide to shape what has become the band's most mature effort to date.


released March 26, 2013

Lyrics and Melody by Ryan Terrigno
All Music by We Are The Arsenal
Produced and Engineered by We Are The Arsenal
Co-Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Justin Powell
Recorded in the Fall and Winter of 2012 in Huntington Beach, CA



all rights reserved


We Are The Arsenal California

"American Folklore" - The new album from We Are The Arsenal. Out Now!

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Track Name: Close to the Vest
Go ahead and run away you've got one foot in the noose
Go ahead and run away, act like you've got nothing to lose
Well the the people of this world, Yeah they're singing their own songs
And my friend, there's just some chords that don't get along

Take someone for all they're worth and never let 'em know who you are
Take someone for all they're worth, take every penny left in the jar
Well the people of this world, yeah they just don't realize
How different everything looks when you open your eyes
Yeah the world looks so much different...

So survive this, don't deny it
You know the flood is coming, so you better start running now
Before it's too late, it's too late baby
I don't believe that everyone is out to get me
I do not believe in anything

Break the human spirit down and let 'em see their life from a desk
You gotta clock those hours, son you'll die before they give you a rest
Well the people of this world, yeah they're begging to be free
Free from all these debts and slavery
But Freedom has its victims

Red sky at night, oh the hills are alive
With the sounds of our mistakes, so loud the levy's gonna break
Will you make it out alive this time?
Track Name: Talking in Circles
I'm angry and i know it, yeah i'm rotten to the core
I'll bite the hand that feeds to spite the wolves at my door
I talk around in circles to the tune of disarray
I'd walk around the earth if this were all a human race
I don't see the meaning of this, it's like we're made for television
What happens when the rules are changed?
What happens when we abandon our reason again?

The sky has started falling down around the places we've only read about, and it's taking its toll
If you're looking for trouble, well, you found me, this ends right here.
Bridges we burned when we were young still blind the truth that you fear

This is your shot, don't blow it. It'd be a shame to watch you fall
Into a state of nothingness, where progress hits a wall
Life ain't all that hard and time is only in our minds
All that's asked of you is just to live and then to die
Don't make the mistake of thinking you're entitled to civilization
The world's a scary place and I am not convinced we were meant to be here at all

Forsaken, and left to die
The extinction of all mankind
You got your finger on a button, playing follow the leader
What will become of all the martyrs and the healers?

What will become of us all?
Track Name: Scarecrow
The scarecrow walks at night under the pale moonlight
So wander if you dare. He's gonna give you quite a scare.
The children play in their rooms under the harvest moon.
The scarecrow walks tonight, oh it really is such a sight
When tens of thousands more come to start a civil war.
The children play in their rooms under the harvest moon.
We all beware the big bad wolf, and the tricks that he will pull.

There is no proper path for anyone
But I believe you chose the wrong one
And your swan song's been sung, as this southern air fills my lungs
Where everyone has a name
Hey, what's my name?
Do you remember me now?

Alright, so I lied. There's nothing going bump in the night.
Except for your heart beat, heart beat
It's givin me cold feet, you know me.
The children play in their rooms cuz there's no room in this world for love
Oh I've already carved an ocean between this life and the heavens above.

Under the harvest moon, I've sewn these seeds
Under the harvest moon, you rescued me
And the children, they ain't got no cares at all
Well the preacher man speaks of the reckoning
While the church bells are ringing in harmony
So carry on all my wayward sons
Sleep with one eye open, this is life on the run
Track Name: A Thousand Faces
If hindsight is 20/20, then i guess i must be god-damned blind
To think that anyone would learn from their mistakes
How could i have been so wrong?
Follow me down into the rabbit-hole
Follow me into the unknown
We can't retrace our steps
We'll throw away the key
You can't escape your destiny

Lost in the cold
So far away from home
It's really not your fault
I'm simply too young to die
I can't stand to see you cry
It's best if you just call off the search
Off in the distance, i can see a fire burning
It's getting closer every day
I was a boy against the world
Now i'm a man against machine
This life is but a dream

Bury your head in the sand
In the land of a thousand faces
Carry the torch, take a stand
It's not your right to remain complacent
Follow me down into the rabbit-hole
Follow me into the unknown
We're not all animals, but what a sight to see
I could really use the company
Track Name: Chaos Theory
The day will come life turns its back on you
A prayer unanswered, a body in the ground
This isn't make believe, this is not religion
This is ritual sacrifice of the human condition

I can lead you to the water, but i can't make you drink
Just like cattle to the slaughter, we don't question anything
Do you really think they care about you?
About your families or your lives?
Hell, our coastlines are sinking down into the ocean
Yet, nobody seems to mind

Just keep selling me my existence
Tell me who i am and what i need
You can take what is left of my body and my mind
But please leave my old soul here with me
Because the beating in my chest reflects dissonance
While the world before my eyes remains so out of focus
If i thought it'd make a difference, i would take your vaccines
But i can't swallow your lies, i've grown immune to disbelief
Do you really think they care about you?
About your families or your lives?
Hell, they're stealing your rights right from under your nose
Yet, nobody seems to mind
Nobody seems to mind that we're running out of time
Track Name: Hell or Highwater
You're all alone on that great big throne
You pray for the day your kingdom is overthrown
You hear symphonies in misery
You're like the boy who cried wolf and got away

So muster your armies
You'll never disarm me
You'll have to burn me to the ground
For someone to witness such blatant resistance
Would be nothing short of profound

Once upon a time, before we crossed the line
Your heart would beat for nothing and for no one at all
But that was then and this is now
I can't wait to see your face when the walls come crashing down

You make believe that life is all a mystery
Your journeys for the answers have all come up empty
So there you sit with your crown of thorns
You'll save your tears for when the ships start washing ashore

Take a look at me now, I've been all around the world
I've been searching for something, I can't seem to find it
I beg you call off the dogs
Don't try to make an honest man out of me
I've been so reckless for so long
Can no one hear these rebel songs?

Is anyone out there?
Track Name: Salem
Near or far, wherever you are
Freeway: Death march.
Feeling parched like a tidal wave
The tank is dry, but the earth is bound to shake
You're not alone in this nightmare, but you're begging to fall awake

The embers, they spell out the names
Of winters that never came
From the dark they'll illuminate the night
With torches high and venom in their eyes
Evacuations like a cancer, they'll burn us all alive

Salem ain't so far from here
But it's just not fair for us to live in fear
You are the light of my life, so please stay out of the fire
No doubt they'll come for us, but I pray to God that in my heart you'll trust
You're not as evil as they say
So please, oh please don't fly away

Where will you go, when you leave this world alone?
They say that it's better. Dreamless sleep forever and ever
Violence is all you've ever known
Fall at the stake, or vacate the throne
Come towards the light they said
We'll burn out bright instead

Burn, Burn, everybody burn
Burn, Burn, everything you've learned
Burn, Burn, until love finds a way.